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Independent Medical Education


For Bristol Myers Squibb to be seen as a worldwide leader in supporting innovative, high quality medical education that closes gaps in HCP knowledge, strengthens their professional competence, and improves patient health outcomes. ?


To advance excellence in global healthcare through expertise in medical education and strategic support of evidence-based educational activities in Bristol Myers Squibb disease areas of focus that measure improvements in professional competence, performance, and patient outcomes.

Celgene is now part of Bristol Myers Squibb creating a leading biopharma company positioned to help address the needs of patients with serious diseases. Funding requests may continue to be submitted via the current BMS processes until further notice.

During this transition period, we will jointly review all requests as a team to avoid duplication of funding.

In addition, we are currently updating our FAQs, which will be updated on or about 12/15/2019. Any questions can be submitted to grantsandgiving@bms.com

How To Apply

You can submit a simple Letter of Request, track the status of your requests and communicate with Bristol Myers Squibb through our secure portal.

IME Guidelines

Learn more about the guidelines we use to review requests.


View frequently asked questions about our?IME supporting programs

Funding Opportunities

We accept funding requests for independent initiatives and post requests for education in key therapeutic areas.

Giving Reports

Here you will find recent reports on our Corporate Giving in the U.S., including giving for Independent Medical Education (IME).

Outcomes Reporting

Outcomes are an important part of medical education, and important to demonstrate value internally at BMS. ?Outcomes are submitted via our CyberGrants Outcomes Module. ?We also provide guidance for submitting outcomes reports.